SAC Seguridad was established 16 years ago, it has become a leading value-added distributor of electronic security, automation and control systems in Colombia. market ranking third in size in Latin America, following Mexico and Brazil.
We exclusively direct our offer to system integrators throughout all the Colombian territory.
Our company is widely recognized by providing premium support to our customers, focusing our daily efforts in fulfilling that promise, providing our customers not only with a competitive offer of products with the right price and availability, but with all aspects required to assure their projects are successful and trouble-free. This includes permanent customer training, providing pre-sales technical support, assisting project specification, facilitating credit lines, providing support during implementation, post-sales and warranty periods.
Our goal is to maintain our growth, maximizing return from our market, constructing long term mutual benefit relationships with our customers and our manufacturers.
SAC´s team is composed of 60 people, higly trained and motivated, whose effort has assurred continous growth year after year.


Product lines:

Our product offer includes Video surveillance systems / Fire detection and alarm systems / Clean agent fire suppression systems /Access control and Identification systems / Intrusion detection and alarm systems / Building automation systemsSystems integration / Security screening equipment /IT and communications infrastructure.

Manufacturers and Brands:

We wor with highly recognized brands providing mid and high-end quality solutions. We avoid offering massive low-end products that lower market value.


Approximately half of our revenue is generated by the run rate of short cycled sales generated by products available in stock for immediate local delivery. Careful analysis is held to select specific products, that are suited to the needs of our market, for which stock levels are set to assure service that outperforms any competitive offer. Stock rotation is permanently monitored by SAC and the manufacturer to assure sales goals are met, mutual work is periodically coordinated in sales and marketing to promote desired rotations.

Our stock averages a value of 2.5 million USD, including aproximately 750 SKUs.

Approximately half of our revenue is generated by sales of projects, involving long sales cycles, that may take several months or even years. Efforts are made to identify projects in the earliest stages possible to promote specification of differentiated solutions with our brands, with the goal of assuring through project registration a competitive advantage for SAC and for SAC customers that will perform implementation. A forecast of project opportunities is maintained in our CRM platform. Permanent follow up is made between SAC and the manufacturer to assure mutual work is coordinated and focused on increasing sales closure.

Reference to some remarkable projects in differet verticals include:


Our base of customers is composed exclusively of system integrators. An array of different company sizes and approaches provides efficient coverage of any type of opportunity throughout all Colombia, reaching any industry of interest of our product portfolio.
We maintain and active customer base of around 950 integrators that are engaged in recurrent orders. We have approximately 1.500 business accounts assigned to our sales and marketing teams.We manage records of  approximately 10.000 contacts of customers and end users related to the industry.
Some of the values our customers recognize from SAC include:
Customer Focused
Our succes comes after our customers succes. Our organization is designed to add value from identification of opportunities to comissionning and after sales support. SAC will never compete against a customer.
Reliable Logistics
Efficent and large scale logistics assures reliable, timely and cost effective product delivery
Great Product Availability
our products selected for stock provide customers with unsurpassed service levels bringing great convience
Facilitates Knowledge
SAC permanently provides a wide array of training programs, supporting sales and installation roles
Premium Sales Support
We support integrators in each project stage, to assure deplyment of optimized and differentiated project solutions
Access to Credit
we provide finnancial support, permanently and credit lines suited to the needs of our customers
Business Development
SAC works shoulder to shoulder with its customer to develop mutual business
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Market Knowledge

Each stragedy and business desition is backed by great knowledge of the market, obtained though experience and market reseach. Our information systems monitor in detail the behaviour of customers competitors and our target market as a whole.